Our Qualifications

Lesley Sommers, President of Sommers Financial Group, Inc., is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, professional.  She is a registered representaive of Cetera Advisors Networks LLC  and a registered securities principal.   She is also a licensed life, health and disability insurance agent. She has practiced in the financial services industry since 1981 and established Sommers Financial Group, Inc. in 1997.

Lesley is widely recognized as an experienced professional in retirment planning for individuals and families and employee benefit planning for small businesses and corporations. She specializes in many areas of retirement planning, including investment strategies and retirement planning.

She is well known in the Metropolitan area as a speaker and has conducted seminars nationally. She has authored numerous financial articles and has been a well-received guest on New York area and national radio programs. Lesley is a member of the International Association of Financial Planners, the Institute of Certified Financial Planners and is on the Registry of CFP Licensed Practitioners. She received her bachelors degree from Michigan State University and completed her CFP™ training at Adelphi University.